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The UW-Madison Student Employment team seeks to support access to the Wisconsin Experience through a holistic student employment approach focused on the experience, learning, as well as career connectivity and preparedness. The nominal charge per posting for all non-UW positions will directly support this vision and allow for us to continue facilitating student engagement with non-UW positions.

Cost Per Posting

    This includes all users who are currently affiliated with UW-Madison. You must have an active email address, which will be verified. This would include all UW Faculty/Staff who may be posting a non-UW position.
  • NON-PROFIT – $8
    This includes all users who are currently affiliated with, and posting a position for, a non-profit organization or local municipality. Official Federal Work-Study partners will have exclusive free access to post. Please contact us with any questions on eligibility as a Federal Work-Study partner.
    This includes all users who are not directly affiliated with UW-Madison or a non-profit/local municipality. This would include posting an opportunity with a for-profit company.


  • All jobs submitted should be for temporary student positions. Student Jobs does not post full-time permanent positions.
  • All postings on the platform will be visible to the public for a maximum of 30 days. This will be valid from the point that payment is submitted. You may still have it visible for less than 30 days, if you wish.
  • The Student Employment team reserves the right to refuse to post positions at any time.
  • The Student Employment team also reserves the right to modify any language on job postings that is deemed inappropriate or to meet posting guidelines for consistency across the job site.
  • The determination for your pricing eligibility will be based on your affiliation to UW-Madison. If you are a current student/faculty/staff of UW-Madison, then you should use your email address to be eligible for the UW-Madison affiliate rate. Non-profit affiliation will be determined based on the organization and position being posted (unless being posted by a UW Affiliate, in which case the price would default to the UW Affiliate rate).
  • Any UW-Madison affiliate (student/faculty/staff) may submit any positions under the affiliate rate. You must be an active student/faculty/staff in order to be eligible for this rate.
  • Once your affiliation is determined by our team, then the price will be set and you will be able to proceed with payment. No positions will be visible to the public until after payment has been submitted. If you have a question regarding our determination of your pricing eligibility, please reach out to our team via email at

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